It depicts terrorist murders, violence, and the ultimate war in Las Anod


Evidence of messages and intelligence shows that Al-Shabaab terrorists are behind the killings and the current war in Lasaanood. This latest revelation vouches for the statement of H.E. President Musa Bihi who told the members of the public and the world that Al-Shabaab terrorists are behind the insurgency violence and war in Lasaanood.

A detailed report on the stages that the subsequent events have gone through regarding the ways in which the Al Shabaab terrorist murders were carried out by the people and the killings of many citizens who worked for the government of Somaliland was presented on the Somaliland National Television (SLNTV).

The revelations say that Mukhtar Mahad Ahmed has been the man behind the latest of the series of murders that were tailored to infuriate the residents of the deceased pitting them against the administration, according to the messages he sent on his mobile phone to Al Shabaab leader in Somalia that operation was executed.

Mukhaar, who is from the Sool region and trained as Al Shabaab member in Jilib area in Southern Somalia in 2017, was appointed as the head of Al Shabaab’s cel group in Buhoodle in 2019, is reported to be the one who instigated the riots and the problem of Lasanod

An organized group that carried out Al Shabaab terror in the city of Lasanood, which included Kamal Abdillahi Said Musa, Hudayfi Abdirahman Omar, and his father, Abdirahman Omar Yassin, were under the charge of Mukhtar, the head of area Al Shabaab cell.

The report said that the orders of due operations to be carried out were relayed through a Buraale while the funds for the tasks were channeled to a man named Gaab Haji Naji, both of whom are in Somalia, according to the evidence.

Among the killings carried out by Al Shabaab terrorist security chief Mukhtar and his group is the killing of the late Abdifatah Abdillahi Abdi (Hadrawi) on December 26, 2022 and the late Mohamed Jama, a police officer in the town of Lasanood.

The police force’s success in arresting Al-Shabaab terrorist groups who were carrying out planned killings in Lasanood notes that Kamal Mohamed, who was part of the Al Shabaab terrorist group that carried out the murders with Mukhtar, was arrested by the police while he was actively attempted murder.

He was arrested while wounded as he exchanged fire with apprehending policemen hence was nabbed while in possession with two hand grenades.

The Somaliland Police forces also arrested Khudeyfi and his father Abdirahman Omar who are part of the Al Shabaab network that carried out the killings in Lasanood.

During the battles between the terrorist groups and other militias as they attacked the Somaliland Army, the police managed to arrest the Al Shabaab head of security. In his house at Buhoodle were found devices, appliances and items used for killing and explosives such as 32 hand grenades including two waist belts typically used by suicide bombers.

As denoted in Mukhtar’s Whatsup message, he informs Al Shabaab leaders in Jilib, Somalia, on the killing of the late Hadrawi on December 27, 2022, stating the name of the councilor, his Baharsame sub-clan identity, the Waddani Party, his age as being 40 years old, the scene of crime and the hour as being at 8:30 pm.

The SLNTV revelation report paints how the Al-Shabaab group was behind the uprising and spate of violence in the build-up to the current state of affairs after having infuriated the community and pitted them against the administration of the day.

Another message recovered from Mukhtar’s phone shows a response to the request of the query ‘how the work (situation) is going on’ and his reply ‘I will send it until this afternoon, the work is going well, the I’TISAAM continues fueling the fire.’

Further reports state that more telephone conversations were held between the terrorist group Al Shabaab in Las Anod and those in Somalia, including a message from Sultan Sharmarke, who is in the Al Shabaab group. In one sent to Abdi Madobe, the leader of the Shabaab group in Lasaanod was lamentations of the group having lost worthy fighters in the Lasanod battles and that the insurgency they created had taken foothold.

The sources added that whereas Sultan Shamarke said that good leaders died in the battle of Lasaanod he appealed to other members of Juba to join the fight, and that Puntland Vice President Ahmed Karaash would avail weaponry and supplies.

The report adds that other members of the Al-Shabaab group fled to Somalia after the security forces foiled their plans such as bringing in large catchments of weaponry.