Minister of Interior Mr. Mohamed Kaahin Ahmed has stated that the people of Sool have always been the pillar of Somaliland in national development. The minister was speaking during a peace event graced by president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi.

He revealed that Somaliland was a peaceful, small country in the Horn of Africa with a good reputation internationally.

Minister Mohamed Kaahin reminded the audience that since the collapse of dictatorial regime of Colonel Mohamed Siad Barre the people of Somaliland have maintained a peaceful coexistence through dialogue and consensus.

He said in 1991 when Somalia central government collapsed the people of Las Anod were at the forefront of creation of an independent Somaliland.

The minister stated that people may differ in ideology, politics, views and opinions, however, peaceful coexistence must never be compromised at any cost.

He confirmed the government willingness to support mediations efforts by traditional elders of Somaliland to find a peaceful solutions to problems affecting Sool region.