Guled A Mahir

A delegation of Somaliland lobbyists for international recognition has visited Sweden’s external affairs ministry. The delegates were welcomed by some Swedish members of parliament who campaigned for Somaliland’s international recognition.

Somaliland international recognition delegation was led by the opposition chief for Welfare and Justice Party (UCID) chairman Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe. The opposition boss has been on a working tour to Europe.

The delegation was received at Sweden ministry of foreign affairs headquarters in Stockholm.

Swedish politician Mikael Torstensson who works with Somaliland ministry of foreign affairs to lobby for the country international recognition accompanied Mr. Faisal and other members of the delegation during the visit.

Also in the Somaliland delegation were Somaliland envoy to Sweden Mr. Zakariya Ahmed Wa’ays, Mr. Mustafa Abdi Ismael and a former ambassador to Sweden.

In a terse statement posted on social media npoted that Somaliland international recognition lobbyists visited Sweden to campaign for the country’s recognition on the international stage. They also paid a courtesy call to the Swedish parliament.

In another development Swedish member of parliament Mr. Mikael Torstensson and some of his colleagues have been preparing a motion on Somaliland recognition to be tabled before the country’s parliament.