By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Investment and Industry Hon. Amina Ilmi Farid, the Director General of the Ministry Mr. Mohamed Osman Saeed (Mohamed-Somali) and senior officials of the ministry o received the largest delegation yet that traveled from Taiwan led by its Director General of the Ministry of Economy Mr. Eugene and Somaliland Ambassador to Taiwan Mr. Allen.

Mr. Eugine was accompanied by the Head of the Taipei Liaison Office in the Republic of South Africa Mr. Ching-Jung Lo, CEO of Taiwan Oil Company, Mr. Hung-Jen Lin and also officials from Taiwan’s Ministry of Minerals and Resources.

They said that their goal was to make the two countries cooperate in the fields of Industry and Investment, especially in the fields of Mining, Energy, Agriculture, Fisheries, Technology, and how to expand cooperation. between the two parties.

Ministry of Investment officials presented brief reports on the country’s investment and i with the country’s economy.

The thanked their hosts for being welcomed to the country and how they are ready to be a part of the development of Somaliland in terms of investment and other resources of the country.

Hon. Amina Climi Farid informed them about the investment opportunities in Somaliland saying that the government is ready to welcome anyone who is willing to venture in the country.