IOM became the first agency to establish handwashing stations and awareness in the mentioned point of entries during this pandemic crisis.

People crossing the border between Somaliland and Ethiopia and Wajale community will benefit from these services.
Goth Mohamed Goth

The IOM today donated Hygiene and Sanitation equipment to help the government of Somaliland stem the fast-growing coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Mohamed Abdihakim Mahmoud, IOM WASH Officer in Charge handed over the Hygiene equipment to the director-general in the Somaliland Ministry of the Water Development during a brief ceremony held at the Ministry Premises.

Mr. Mohamed Abdihakim Mahmoud speaking at the event said, “IOM has launched an awareness campaign meant to help fight coronavirus, IOM is working with the government in all aspects of COVID-19 preparedness and response.

He added, “Today, IOM is handing over hygiene and sanitation equipment includes 40 handwashing stations and soaps to distribute to two border towns (Tog-Wajale and Baligubadle).

IOM has already dispatched awareness teams to Baligubadle and plans are in place for the same in Baligubadle to scale up the preparedness and response to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on persons of concern and shall distribute handwashing soaps to 200 hundred families in Tog-Wajaale and 100 families in Baligubadle. IOM erected hand-washing stations on the main access ways to Tog-Wajaale and Baligubadle, both important transit point for migrants.

Ahmed Abdi Ismail, the Director-General in the Somaliland Ministry of Water Development on his part said that IOM is working closely with the Ministry in COVID-19 preparedness and response. Today we have received 40 handwashing stations and soaps from IOM that will be distributed to two border towns Tog-Wajale (30) and (10) for Baligubadle shall be dispatched next week.