“Muse is Targeting members of a certain community,” Irro

Mr. Abdirahman Irro , the chairman of Waddani has called on party members and supporters in Maroodi Jeh region to converge at the party headquarters tomorrow morning (Monday) to discuss issues of his plans for the current situation in the country’s and the electoral commission’s argument.

Chairman Irro speaking in a press conference held in his office strongly criticized President Muse recent comments in which he termed Waddani members as pro-Somalia, such remarks could lead to Somaliland disintegration.

“Muse, Kulmiye members and his government have on several occasions publicly accused Waddani officials and supporters as serving paymasters in Somalia, I inform the public that Muse is sowing the seeds of division and distrust among the people of Somaliland instead of uniting them.

President Muse is trying to divide the nation through clan identity, people who have coexisted as brothers, such maliciously actions are like venom meant to harm our statehood and national cohesion.

He added, “I strongly condemn such actions by the President of the nation of whom it’s his duty to unite the citizens, I do warn him that if he previously benefited politically from such stance then he should know today that such deeds may cause the enmity among the various communities and the collapse of the nation. ”Mr. Abdirahman Irro said