By: Guled Abdi Mahir

Renown cleric Sheikh Mustafa Haji Ismael Haruun has said that journalists have forgotten the importance of good manners. He affirmed that it was prudent for reporters not to broadcast every incident that happens whenever it occurred. He added some instances that touch on national security and hence need to be overlooked by journalists.

The cleric stated this while speaking to a congregation in South Africa. He reiterated that journalists have forgotten the importance of impartiality in their work.

Sheikh Mustafa said our noblest prophet Muhamad PBUH stated the importance of double-checking facts before reporting.

He went on to say β€œProphet of Allah Muhamad PBUH stated that it is important for people not to believe whatever they hear before making sure it is the truth and nothing but the truth or else they will be counter to be liars.”

The famous Sheikh urged the people working in the media industry to be vigilant and not to report whatever they see and hear.

β€œThe media should work to bring people together instead of sowing discord because they will be questioned in the hereafter.”

The cleric warned journalists who like to write and report about the dirty linen of people to desist from this bad behavior.