At least nine newly elected Members of the Parliament from the Justice & Development Party (UCID), have said on Saturday, they have formed a new coalition with Somaliland’s ruling Kulmiye party. UCID MP’s in tandem with Kulmiye party parliamentarians who joined forces have announced the members that will vie for the house of national assembly speakers.

Former foreign minister, Prof. Yasin Mohmud Hir alias Faraton will contest for the post of the house of reps speaker. Honorable Saed Mire Farah will vie for the first deputy speaker while Mr. Abdinasir Yusuf Osman Qodah will stand for the second deputy speaker.

The two main opposition parties in SL previously announced they joined forces in order to grab the speaker of the house of reps. The Justice & Welfare party (UCID), has fired its deputy secretary general of the party. The party stripped Mr. Abdinasir Qodah from the party’s membership and the post.

The reason for his dismissal comes after Mr. Qodah together with other MP’s from ICID have announced they have joined forces with Kulmiye ruling party. Spokesman for Justice & Welfare Party (UCID) has said that Qodah along with other MP’s have breached the party’s mission which was to make a change in Somaliland’s parliament.