kulmiye headquaters

By Osman Awad

The time has come to change this regime, because the current president has neglected to live up to his hopes. If we look back to his green book he clearly stated his plan and the platform of his government, but failed miserably. However, the question is did he accomplish at least a quarter of what he promised? The answer is no.

For example, one of Kulmiye party promises the development of the media “Dhiirri-gelinta iyo kobcinta saxaafada xorta ah iyo madaxbanaaneynta iyo horumarinta warbaahinta dawladda, loona dejin doono siyaasadd ku waajahan helidda iyo fidinta xorta ee wararka. * In la abuuro Hay’adda Qaranka Warbaahinta (Public Broadcasting Corporation) oo hoos imanaysa guddi madaxbanaan  * In si degdeg ah xayiraadda aan dastuuriga ahayn looga qaado furashada idaacado gaar loo leeyahay iyo nooc kastoo warbaahin ah”  If I attempt to translate this into English, it supposes that we encourage, build and allow the independent operating of private and public media, at the same time, we design a new arrangement that sets aside to find and distribute the free press. We would also like to create a Public Broadcasting Corporation that operates the independent committee. We would immediately remove unconstitutional restrictions of media that include the private media and anything related to the media.

It is clear that the current government is breaking its promises. Not only that, but it is embarrassing the foreign allies of Somaliland by not respecting the basic rights such as expression of thoughts. The Somaliland constitution clearly acknowledges the right of the citizens whether it is the owner of media or normal citizen like me.

Siilaanyo government has made every endeavor to destroy the media, particularly Haatuf media. First it closed Haatuf media and then it ordered the telecommunication companies not to sell its service to Haatuf media. At the same time, the prosecutors published Dictator Siyaad‘s his penal code articles such as article 215 and 328 which both are illegal and unacceptable according to the Somaliland constitution.  

Somaliland is proud of the respecting the peace and the rule of law. However, since the President Siilaanyo took the leash, the peace is only protecting the civil society. The president makes an oppression police unit (PPU) that Kills and destroys the private property and makes arresting the way of the life for regular citizens.  Haatuf, Hubaal and Star media where closed without justice. The current government became an authoritarian because this government is acting as a police, a prosecutor, and a judge. In addition, the president has not been able to implement the media law that has been crafted by the previous government.

Not only has it been unable to implement laws but it has not even tried to listen to the advances of its people. Somaliland needs honesty, trustworthy, and faithfulness but does not need the retirees and those who cannot fulfill their duties.  



  1. This was a waste of time to read. The person who wrote this nuisance knows nothing and must keep his big door shut. How can he call a government that won a landslide democratic election a regime. I hope he will look up for the word “regime” and at least learns what it means. Secondly, President Silanyo did not only make only one pledge in his green campaign booklet, but he has made many and fulfilled more than what he promised. One pledge he never made and will not make is to allow a rogue extortionist and a blackmailer to defame Somaliland citizens if they do not fulfil their criminal orders. Haatuf and the others you mentioned fall in the category of criminals and must be stopped now.

    • I have nothing to do with the media you’re calling the names, but i know that you are shamelessly lying when you’re denying the facts as if though the whole nation is blind and you’re the only one who sees things. If this is any indication it shows that you are not a decent self respecting Somaliland Citizen unfortunately. What has your president accomplished? This small airport constructed by kuwait that has constructed a similar ones in garoowe and elsewhere in somalia? or his RRU police who act in a way that’s reminicent siyad barre’s time,the worst dictator the humanity ever witnessed. You’re calling the media criminals. an unarmed civilians who are using a pen. If your president is right why is he getting vendictive and using masked RRU police criminals to kill and terrorize the law abiding citizens. Let the whole world know that this old man is nothing more than an unpatriotic ex afwayne finance minister who is bent on raping the country using your likes to sell him to the nation. Let me tell you that your tactics will not work with the real Somaliland citizens and you will go down with masta ali yare.Have a bad night pal, you are a dead man!