Some of the prisoners of war (POW) in Lasaanod, who were captured by the National Army, disclosed that there they have not been mistreated nor have they experienced any qualms as prisoners.

The governor of Togdeer region Mr. Mohamed Abdillahi (Nafaqo) who made a tentative visit to Burao prison witnessed the situation of the prisoners first hand. Nine of the prisoners of war nabbed in te latest battle in the Las Anod crisis were assembled in an office where they met and talked to the media.

The head of the correctional facility was present.

The RG was told that two of the wounded prisons who were casualties of the battle had been attended to and the gauze wraps testating to the fact were visible while the third has been referred to surgery.

“We took the three wounded prisoners to the hospital, two of them were wounded, and the third man, a colonel, is to undergo surgery”, said the prisons boss.

The prisoners who spoke to the media individually said that they are healthy and that not subjected to any mistreatments.


“We are safe with all the rest of the prisoners who were captured in the war in Goja’ade. I am the most seriously injured of the prisoners, and they are treating me well attending to my injuries”, said one of the prisoner..

“We have noble people who are in charge of our care, and the relatives and friends who came to visit us were granted access. No torture was done to us”, said Colonel Mohamud Mohamed Arsade, the senior most of he captured militiamen.

“I met some of our relatives who are here and they are being treated well. Let also the other prisoners who are there be treated well and meet their people,” said Mudalib Abdi Shire, another prisoner.

“We were among the prisoners taken in the March 18 war in Las Anod, we came here (Burao prison), we have been here for two days, we are healthy. We were nine men, the injuries have been treated, and we are telling people who are spreading false rumours to desist from peddling lies”, said Jama Abdirashid, another of the prisoners.