The Hargeisa Mayor Hon. Abdikarin Ahmed Moge called on the community to protect security and pray for their country and their leaders.

Mayor Mooge, who was speaking on Thursday at Ibn Khaldoun Peace and Development convention where the scholars and politicians of the country made statements, said that “praying is better than cursing, and instead of criticizing your leaders, you should pray for them such that they may be blessed and they will fulfill their promises to the people”.

“If you pray for your leaders before cursing, then God will make you better. So, let’s pray for our leaders such that they may be righteous”, he said.

He said that when he talks about leaders, he doesn’t mean the president, ministers, and mayors, but everyone who manages people is a leader, and he is required to fulfill his responsibilities.

“The teacher, the politician, the religious clergy or anyone who manages people is a leader”, he said.

Mayor Abdikarin called on the community to join hands for the development of the country, and stand to develop their country on brotherhood, love, and religiously good tidings.