The Foreign Minister Hon. Dr. Essa Keyd has urged the Somaliland Diaspora in UK to step up their lobbying for the country’s recognition.

The appeal, which by large extends to all Somalilanders abroad, is a forward step in the country’s re-invigoration of the international recognition quest that the Somaliland cabinet resolved to do shortly upon the FM’s return from a Kenyan visit almost a month ago.

The meeting in London over the week comes hot over heels after a series of meetings the foreign minister and his delegation had in the US forthright ago.

He is accompanied by the country’s world renewed health worker Edna Aden Ismail, who herself occupied the same office.

The FM appealed to all and sundry to coax their constituent reps to help lobby for the international recognition; it is worth noting that no less than five major municipal councils in the UK alone has passed resolution to recognize Somaliland. Others in different major European cities had followed cue.

Whereas most of the speakers at the function reiterated the need to step up the lobbying activism.

Edna Aden called on Somalilanders to be even more united and cherish democracy hence avoid whatever ‘isms’ that would render them apart, hence make concerted efforts in depicting a solidly united front.

By M.A. Egge