London hosts international Somalia conference to aid post-war gains in security, justice


MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Somalia’s president over the weekend received the country’s first pieces of mail in more than two decades. It’s the kind of small but hopeful development that leaders meeting in London on Tuesday want to see more of.

Britain and Somalia on Tuesday co-host an international donors’ conference that aims to provide international support for the Somali government as it continues to leave behind two decades of conflict.

Though Mogadishu still suffers from intermittent terror attacks by the Islamic extremists of al-Shabab, including a car bomb Sunday that killed at least seven people, the capital is much more peaceful today than in years past, when deadly battles took place daily.

The weekend mail delivery to Mogadishu came courtesy of the United Nations Postal Administration. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent letters to Somalia’s president.

“It’s a victory and a sign of development. We have received the first letters now, and we are going to process sending letters soon,” said Abdullahi Elmoge Nor, Somalia’s Minister of Information, Telecoms and Transport.

At the London conference Somalia is set to share its plans to develop the country’s security forces, justice sector and financial management systems. International donors are likely to pledge aid to help get Somalia’s plans moving. Britain said in February it would give 3 million pounds ($4.7 million), with a large chunk intended to help train Somali lawmakers.

Eradicating sexual violence — a cause championed by British Foreign Secretary William Hague — will also be on the agenda. In the run-up to the conference Britain and the United Arab Emirates announced 2 million pounds ($3.1 million) in joint funding to help tackle sexual violence in Somalia.

Britain’s Foreign Office said it expected representatives of “nearly 50 governments,” as well as groups like the United Nations, the African Union, the World Bank, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League. Also expected to attend is Kenya’s new President Uhuru Kenyatta, who faces charges at the International Criminal Court for allegations connected to 2007-08 post-election violence.

After Sunday’s attack in Mogadishu, Britain’s Minister for Africa Mark Simmonds said the bombing demonstrated the importance for the Somali government and international partners to work together to combat extremism. Gunmen and suicide bombers attacked Mogadishu’s Supreme Court complex last month, killing more than 35 people.

Despite the attacks, new construction is up in the capital. New restaurants have opened and citizens are participating in sports leagues, which had been banned by the extremists. Britain last month opened an embassy in Mogadishu for the first time in 20 years.

Human Rights Watch urged international donors meeting in London to make accountability and women’s rights a priority. It also said the government should exclude power brokers who violate human rights from any role in the security forces.

“International goodwill for the new Somali leadership and its proposed reforms should not mean unqualified support,” said David Mepham, Britain director at Human Rights Watch.

The Somalia NGO Consortium — a group of civil society actors — noted that Somalia’s new constitution requires the implementation of federalism but has not yet done so.

The northern Somali region of Somaliland — a semiautonomous region that has been agitating for years for independence — is not attending the conference despite the fact that furthering dialogue between the governments of Mogadishu and Somaliland had been one of the goals of the conference.



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  2. Why post that graphic picture? This piece of a story is a positive news for Somalia, but the seperatists hope Somalia remains unstable so they can remain isolated and dream about recognition. The world understands that terrorism must be destroyed and to do so SNA must become strong. Somalia will be a federal, no tribal enclave will ever be allowed to secede, I don't think peaple in Hargeisa understand that no way a country can be divided just bc one clan has some grievences. The world understands that Somalis might speak the same language'but they listen to the tribal Sheik first before country so no part of Somalia will be allowed to secede. If that happens god forbid then it will the end of Somalia. Puntland will declare itself a country, Hiiraan will follow. Junbaland will follow and so on.

    • Wadani,
      Puntland,Hiiraan,Jubbaland are all particles of the SFG Roadmap Signatories and fall
      under the controls of the SFG of Capital Mogadiscio. Somaliland on the other hand are
      non-Signatories and functions outside the scope controls of the SFG. Again. Somaliland
      before and after 1991 todate are a recognized demaraction ex Colonial boundaries
      likewise Somalia. Therefore, based on the current realities on the ground as related to
      both Somaliland and Somalia, the IC movers,Shakers are well aware and there could be
      NO more wacky policies and politics on their behalfs. Dear Wadani and others cohorts playing
      the old failed Arab League dirty politics of Butros Butros Ghali Yesteryears are no more workable.
      There should be no more obstacles depriving the straight forward legit stance of the
      Somaliland recognition quest. Get that through your ugly thick hearts, heads and minds. |o|

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      Somaliland-Republic wishes Somalia-Federation best of luck with it's colony aspirations for third world HIV plagued states.

      TWO-STATE Solution is the best option… Hassan Mahamoud has already signed in support of a TWO state approach to ending the 1960-Union.

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      • buxiif,

        You see the problem is you JUST keep repeating recycling the same GARBAGE over and over again. All those countries you mention they do not have to go Somaliland region.

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        B) They don't have to go there because without going there, they can give direct order.

        When did Hassan Culusow sing agreement about the TWO state solution, are you on medication. Hassan Culusow does not have the mandate to sing two state solution.

        THESE ARE THE SEVEN POINT SING BOTH, there is no two state mention it's all in your brain. here it follows.

        1) Expressed their commitment to the continuation of the dialogue.

        2) Endorsed the content of Chevening House Declaration agreed on 21 June 2012, and the Dubai statement signed on 28 June 2012.

        3) Stated that the dialogue is between the Federal Government of Somalia and the Government of Somaliland. The International Community that is supporting this process will only provide facilitation when is needed.

        4) Agreed to encourage and facilitate international aid and development provided to Somaliland.

        5) Agreed the need to consolidate a cooperation on security sector through sharing intelligence, training as well as scholarships for security sector professionals in order to become more effective in the fight against terrorism, extremism, piracy, illegal fishing, toxic dumping, maritime crime and serious crime.

        6) Proposed to meet within 90 days in Istanbul at a date later to be agreed by the parties.

        7) Agreed to refrain from using inflammatory language and other act which may put the continuation of the dialogue at risk.

  3. Look closely at the picture above this article. That is Somalia even after 23 international conferences and billions of dollars the world community spent on good for nothing wild and savage tribes of Somalia mainly Daarood-doofaar and Hawiye Afar-qooble, whom the world labeled as failed society and scum of the earth. today Somalia is a mere name of a place occupied by Kenya, Ethiopia, Turkey, and Qatar, who all have their separate agendas, and will never allow those two wild monkey business tribes of Somalia be able to reconcile. London conference is another futile exercise to waste billions trying to salvage the dead body of the Somali youth on the picture. Examine closely that picture because it tells you Somalia is a hopeless case. LONG LIVE THE PROUD AND PATRIOTIC PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOMALILAND WHO RELAYED UPON THEMSELVES TO REBUILD THEIR COUNTRY FROM ASHES. WE WILL DEFEND OUR INDEPENDENCE AND SOVEREIGNITY FOR EVER AND EVER UNTIL WE GET THE OVERDUE POLITICAL RECOGNITION WHAT EVER IT COSTS.

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    Puntland is totaly different they had admin 15 years now with strong institution. Jubbaland also more than 1.7 people live there with good future economy.

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  8. It's glorious day for Somalis everywhere for the world attention to be focused on Somalia and it's rebuilding efforts. It will rise like a phoenix from ashes of destruction from the last 20+ years. The haters who want to see Somalia continue mired in misery and hopelessness are sourly disappointed. There is a new dawn and no amount of hatred included the caption picture accompanying this article will deter Somalia's march to recovery and prosperity.

    It's quite a disappointment that the NORTH are not sitting at the International gathering table and get their piece of the pie. This poor and debilitating decision of not attending will haunt them for the foreseeable future. If Egal (may all bless his soul) was around, the outcome would have been different, But Silanyo is NOT as sophisticated or politically smart.

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