Xaji Cabdikarim Hussein — known as a Hagi Abdiwarabe passed away peacefully yesterday at the age of 126. The nations morns and is saddened by his loss – his funeral was held today in his home town of Hargeisa. He was one of the greatest personalities that made Somaliland a peaceful democratic country and, most importantly, economically fast developing — references are made to how the likes of Hargeisa recovered from rubble to vibrant city with skyscrapers with a deluge of exorbitantly economic activities are augmenting at rapid paste. That prosperity and peaceful Somaliland is attributed to him and handful exceptionally intelligently elders the country produced. He was one of the the the greatest of all time whose contribution to his people averted them to conflicts and wars from precolonial to the restoration of Somaliland. Without having the likes of him, the country would have comparisons to the likes of failed states.


He spent the entirety of his life resolving clan disputes that often lead the Somali people to shed blood at the slightest differences. Distinguishable from his peers in his wisdom and fluency in Somali culture and competence in his communication skills, he engrossed the attention of society when spreading his message of peace. Nothing could prevent him to desist to support what he thought had been in his conscious to be right even if his closest clan would feel repugnant and against. He was distinctive in his fairness and upholding justice. His decisive decisions he had taken were always proofed right even when the entire society went against him. His delivery of just and fair judgement delivered in talented and powerfully competent language won him the trust of all his people and become very popular not only among Somaliland people but all Somalis at large. He would always advise his people to respect their leaders and when in disputes and disagreement would warn against to resolve their difference in violence means but peaceful way.

His outstanding lifelong support commitment to his own people to get rid of wars and violence goes back to the pre-colonial era. He was indefatigable and intrepid and nothing had stopped his way of expressing his views. Somalis were economically challenged and always clan warfare was means of the survival of the fittest over the competition of resources of land grabbing and usurping livestock. At a very young age, he rose to stop this culture and ever since being policing peace in Somali culture that is manic to tribal influence.

Haji Abdikarim is a man that will be remembered forever and every one of his people should never forget his scarifies he had made his country. He was also exceptionally mentally and physically towering figure not only among Somaliland people but, also, to the entire Somali speaking people.

Finally, I pray Allah to shower him with mercy and take him the highest rank of heaven.

Ahmed Abdi Isse (Social Scientist)