By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Minister of Energy and Minerals of the Republic of Somaliland leading a high-level delegation, today(Tuesday) embarked working visit to Sahil region, whereby he launched a minerals exploration survey in Sahil region, particularly in Bahalallay, Lalays, Hudisa and Garbo Raareed areas.

The Energy Minister was accompanied by Governor of Sahil, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Hashi, the Mayor of Berbera, Mr. Abdishakur Mohamud Hassan (Cidin) and Sahil Regional Police Commander Abdi Ali Hays.

Experts in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals’ Minerals Department and geologists from Khalifa Engineering and Mining Services are undertaking the mineral survey.

The Mineral Exploration survey is scheduled to last 45 days and will cover an area of ​​122 square kilometers (122 km2) in the above areas.

During the survey, the structure of the land will be explored, the minerals that are expected to be found by taking samples for modern laboratory testing, and also, a geological paper will be prepared which will accurately describe the structure of the explored environment.

It is noteworthy that Magnetometer will be used for the first time to detect minerals in the surface below the ground, then we shall compare and interpret data from the satellite (Remote Sensing Analysis) of areas of interest and deploying engineers and geologists on the ground to conduct a geological assessment of the presence of minerals in the ground.

Mr. Omar Yusuf Omar, the director of the mining department, speaking during the launching ceremony of the project said, “The first phase of the project will be undertaken during the course of this year 2021. We are currently focusing on two sites both situated in Sahil region. The Hudusa section cover an area of 92 square kilometers and the geel loo kor area, which covers 30KM square.

“We started looking for the old data, and when we got the data we moved on to make the map, translate it, and get the accuracy of the site data,” said the Director of the mineral department.

Mr. Abdishakur Mohamud Idin, the mayor of the port city of Berbera speaking during the launching ceremony said that we are a nation that imports ninety-nine percent of the goods we use hence the need for developing our abundant natural resources.

“It is really a great joy for us to develop our God-given natural resources. We are very pleased to welcome the project that will be a valuable project for the region as well as the country as a whole. He ae that the ministry of energy and minerals had successfully completed the fourth phase of the oil exploration exercise” He added.

The Governor of Sahil region, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hashi said that the Somaliland government is committed to working closely with the ministry of energy and minerals officials and its partners to help facilitate and the continued success of this important national project. I would like to use this opportunity to urge my fellow citizens to welcome and assist them while implementing the exploration work program.

The Minister of Minerals and Energy of the Republic of Somaliland, Hon Jama Haji Mohamud Egal said that the mineral exploration program is about implementing the ministry’s policy and mandate to enable the nation to benefit from its natural resources.

“The policy of the Ministry aims to develop the natural resources that God has blessed us with but first we need to explore the nature and extent of the minerals in our land, which will go through different stages,” he said.

Finally, this project is part of a series of mineral exploration projects launched by the ministry in 2020 funded by the Somaliland government through public taxation, which, if successful, will be part of a national effort to eradicate poverty.