H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) was among thousands of somalilanders who took part in a massive demonstration held in capital ,Hargeisa earlier today to denounce a decision by the UK Government to issue a travel advice which warned Uk citizens against travelling to Somaliland.
Thousands among thousands of Somalilanders  came out in force today waving the tri color flag of Somaliland and other national memorabilia’s in a bid to express their discontent this while responding to Sunday’s UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s revised travel advice for Somaliland.
President Silanyo Joined the cheering demonstrators who earlier were camped outside the parliament building to listen his state of union speech address walking more than half a kilometer shoulder in shoulder with fellow countrymen in a momentous moment of unity, putting aside their recent bitter conflicting divisions caused by the 28TH November 2012 local elections.
“We the people of Somaliland consider the people of Great Britain as our brothers of whom we had friendly relations spanning for more than two centuries and we look forward in maintaining those same cordial relations,” said President Silanyo.
The demonstrators called on the Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain to intervene and retract the decision of the foreign office terming it unfair.
Similar Demonstrations also took place in Gabiley, Caynaba ,Las Geel, and other major towns across the country.
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  1. The British foreign office is now confused after the stupid decision they made regarding travel warning for its citizen to Somaliland.
    Today they were trying to cool things down and in fact, stating that they will meet with Somaliland officials soon.
    Come on, why didn't they try to meet with this officials before they jump the gun against Somaliland.

    Somaliland is a nation made by its people and the final decision will always comes from its citizen NOT a stupid decision made by the British government or any other government period!

    • They want to meet with your officials, to warn them privately. We all know this decision you referring to, is a decision made by two sub-clans of Is@@q tribe. It doesn't even have the support of the majority of the Is@@q tribe let alone the support of the people of that region.

      Soon those two sub-clans will be labelled as terrorist supporters. And before you know, in a blink of an eye, troops from Somalia supported by Amisom will be funded to finish of what should have been finished by the Kacaankii (not that I'm happy with the innocent people who dies as a result of collateral damage).

      • You Idiot I am not from the two tribe you are talking about and I am a diehard Somalilander for ever.
        Secondly, if as you say only two clan were the only ones who support self-determination of Somaliland people, why in the hell was Somaliland so peaceful, while you were blowing your heads of everyday for the last 21 years even the last one was yesterday. Clean your dirty garbage before saying or making comments about Somaliland.
        At least appreciate Somaliland and its people, eve a website like this that you can express your venom opinion is not available to you if its not for Somaliland website. So think before you make a comment or two.

    • That is actually evident in the talk given by one officer of foreign office saying that he can not clarify what the threat and the insecurity in somaliland is meant, that proves how foreign secretary seems confused this conservative government is on the run and new labor government will replace this irrelevant gov't

  2. The tantrum articles keep coming and coming this reminds me of a spoiled brat (in this case Sland) being told
    off for the first time by its parent (UK)

  3. Soon those two sub-clans of the Is@@q tribe will be labelled as terrorist supporters. And before you know, in a blink of an eye, troops from Somalia supported by Amisom will be funded to finish of what should have been finished by the Kacaankii (not that I'm happy with the innocent people who died as a result of collateral damage).

    • So start up the band boy, Somaliland will eat your darod army alive and try to do that you will see what Somaliland will do to your pathetic country. So once anf for all shut up and get lost.

      • So once and for all shut up get lost. No way Somaliland is on the path to destruction and it will never be on that path.

      • ''you will see what Somaliland will do to your pathetic country'', you mean funding terrorists? Mate we all know what happened's to those who fund terrorists. Don't be surprised if MI5 knocks on your door.

        • What the hell are you talking youi are one of the one people who fought in Somalia with alshaab oh snap and your family rescued you from somalia and that's why your crazy you still have the brain pill.
          As matter JackA@@ i was implying on the Somaliland Army that could destroy your country in a heartbeat not terriosm and we all know where all the terriosts are from and who they are. They are from Puntland and they are Darods and Marahan not Isaq. We are against terriosts in Somaliland and they are the enemies of Somaliland, and Alshaabab have nothing to do with Somaliland they do have something to do with you and your tribe because why are you jumpy. Well I won't be suprised if interpol come with their swat team and take away to unknown place and beat you for information because you are suspicious and you are that type who would something crazy like those kids in Minnestoda you are sounding exactly like those animals.

          • There cyber cops out there and you can go to jail for calling someone a terrorist online. Well enjoy bending for soap in prison.

          • I'm glad they are out there, so that they can catch terrorists like you. Everyone can see how you changed your tone. Anyway I wont wast my time with you any more. Keep talking to yourself.

          • You got scared and now i will let Allah deal with you for calling a good muslim and I know that terriosm is haram and very sinful and islam doesn't tolerate terrorism and killing your self is haram whatever cause to mankind is terriosm. You Monkey you are not a muslim you are shaytan. Terriosm is disgusting and terriorits are animals and should pay dearly. Somaliland doesn't harbour any fugitves the only thing somaliland harbours is peace. We all know that most terriorists are darods and maraaheens. I hope you rot in Hell where you belong.

          • LOOOL, Gosh did you got scared? One minute you threaten to support terrorists in order to destabilise the south, and now you denouncing it. Got scared of the cyber cops? Remember, no matter how you change your tone, your previews statements are there for everyone to see, including the cyber cops.

          • I never said I support them, unlike you :). Trust me, I would kill Al shabaab with my own hand if I saw any. Unlike you who funds them.

          • you fund them asshole. you will be kissing their feet for mercy if you saw them and you were bragging about and how you supported them. You can't kill a spider with your own hands coward. those al shaabab are monsters who in the right would fund any terror organization or any crime organization. Al shaaabab will be brought to justice or killed. now they are screwed like you.
            So are saying that you want to kill me.

    • So called Truth means the liar i suspect what Tribe are you first you do not even know the full of tribes of somaliland you just heard one or two you are fool absent minded who knows nothing ,that gives me the clear symbol that you WALAWEYN jareer tribe you are not even DAROD faqash tribe or HAWIYE either
      get back to your village and farm for HAWIYE .

    • To Truth ;
      What clan are you from faqash ,are u DAROD you are being marginalized in MOGADISHO the least developed city in the world which has no amenities but only rockets falling and people starving and dying .
      YOU are DAROD coward ,timid TRIBE that run away of south somalia into kenyan camps its your tribe what populate DHADHAAB where kenyan soldiers rape women in there and torture them and kill them or take with them into their jungles ……Hehehehehe……AND you are still talking …….how kiddy are you …. you have never thought about the fate of tribe they are straving to death …….and HAWIYE are burching them chasing them out every where ……….lol lol lol ……..weak idoit with no home ……

  4. Well that marahen scum isn't giving up. What's the matter Truth not satisfied about your welfare check.
    Somaliland is stable and peacefull and will not tolerate enemies who trying to destroy Somaliland.
    The government of Somalia does not control Somaliland and Somaliland is here to stay.
    Everybody nows that Alshaab is your tribe maraahan the children of the faqash.
    Go to Anger management, May God have mercy on your soul.

        • No way psycho thank you, A mental institution is a place to go. Let me tell you something I am not an old and I did not come to the west in 1978 and i didn't even come to the west I was born really in 1983 in the United States of America, and graduated from Georgetown Masters degree in Computer Science. well you got punked.

          • Loooool. Gosh, first you lied about the 1978 story, and now you want me to believe another fabricated hoax? Hahahahahahaha, typical separatists, always creating hoax story-lines.

          • And graduated from Georgetown University in Washington DC, earned a Masters degree in Computer Science.

          • Get your big mouth out of my clan you piece of rubbish, you earned the masters degree you bragging about by our money

          • Shut up you fake Somalilander you darod scum you are not a Somalilander and i was getting attacked by that punk truth and you are turning back stabbing asshole.
            You are not Somalilander faqash. Asshole

          • Saade you idiot aren't you Somalilander why are you turning back on fellow somaliland while i was being by those who responsible for Somaliland's Masscure in the 1980's. We are Somalilanders and we have to stick together not turn against each that's what they want us to do. Long Live Somaliland.

          • Do you have to use profanity to make a point. Well maybe that's how you express yourself to use swearwords as defense and the way i see you punk are jackass which means male donkey like you. You are not even human if you use that phrase a## licker.

          • Coming from you who just called Sahra a ho. I like how you keep revealing yourself. First 1978 story then 1983 and now the swearwords. Keep going pleas

  5. What is irir say JAREER untouchables tortured and massacred by HAWIYE clan cry and die because of your inferiority and nonexistence ,fool and feeble minded go and defend your follow farmers who work and plant for HAWIYE …. you should keep silent when we clash DAROD and HAWIYE clans
    you got the message i think JAREER

  6. It is extremely unsafe to be in the northern regions because of the following reasons:
    1) There are clan strife in Zaylac(Gudabursi vs Ciise)
    2) There are clan strife in Hargeisa( Habaryoonis vs Habarjeclo)
    3) Clan strife in Xudun(Isaaq vs Dhulbahante)
    All these political unstability is happening in the northern regions the socalled maamulka somaliland.

    Besides that the terrorist alshabaab group is in Galgala mountains, not far from Maamulka Somaliland.
    The head of the terrorist group comes from the i$@@q clan, he is against suicide attacks in maamulka somaliland his homeland, but he agreed to the muhaajiriin(foreign alqeada fighters) to abduct and kill western people in his homeland i$@@qland.

    All these are important reasons why the western people must not visit the northern regions of Somalia Republic. They can however visit Mogadishu, it is very safe. You are welcome here to take part in the progress in the capital of Somalia Republic.

      • You moron you can t say that on the internet there is the cyber cops. By the way Somaliland doesn t have that crap in Somaliland and the streets of Hargeisa is alot safer then the streets in London.
        Somaliland doesn t harbour fugitives, the only thing somaliland harbour is peace and stability which a thing you don t know.

  7. i am so sorry to see all these people demonstrating because they care what Britain thinks.
    only if the cared what their fellow Somalis think as much as they care about Britain.
    The fact is HS mohamud Ulusow is working hard around the world to tell them to listen to him and ONLY him and many countries are accepting him including US and UK. so the only route open for puntland AND ssSomaliland regions are to listen to their presidents and forget about what might or might not have been kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • wanlawayn,
      Neither Somaliland nor even puntland will be controlled from Mogadishu or xamar. Bro, it's been 25 years don't you think Somalis lost the trust they once had after all that happened. The question is whether Somaliland should join loose and semi-union or not, but will never accept full union where Mogadishu is in total control.

      ps. How many names does your president have. Uulusow, gurgurate etc

      • Hahahahahahaha, I love how you softening up. Not surprised, we always know how to soften up their (separatists) women. Mate the times that one place was in control is over, what is wrong with you? The south has moved from tribes, have you not seen the enormous support for Somalia President by all the tribes of the South? Ow, I forgot, your whole Somaliland notion is based on tribe. No wonder why so so focused on Mogadishu.

      • @Amal

        this president is called gurguurte because he cant make a decision quickly and if he makes is usually disastrous one however, so far his foreign policy moves has been spot on including his Trip to US and EU but his interior policy is disaster. the way he handled Kismayo fiasco and his relations to Puntland and Somaliland is been nothing short of disgrace. the question is where does his foeign policy success came from? personally i believe that the world his giving Somalia the benefit of the doubt this time around rather than him be foreign policy whizkid kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

        as for Somalia controlling sland, puntland, i am not saying ulusow hs mohamud can have direct influence on them rather, Somalia will have upper hand in terms of international policy and can even influence Aid and borders sea and air and who comes in and out to those regions which is a major blow. my two cents

    • Listen wanlaweyn…I tell you.. I care much about Mogadiscio powers more than the rest of Somalia
      put together but if Mogadiscio powers sort of continue to play foolishly dirty politics against Somaliland
      I tell you..Mogadiscio would never become a good dependable capital for Somalia let alone Somaliland?
      Can you understand what that means or you are just the same old wanlaweyn since 1960 to current???
      Get the hell out of my sight buddy before I bust you into water melon ..mohahahaha

  8. For the record, I am actually a british passport holder residing in Hargeisa with me wife and three kids and whenever I step outside of me home I tend to be afraid of Al Shabaab sympathisers lurking behind me and I am somali but imagine if you were a white trash tourist roaming the dusty street of Hargeisa? you will be kidnapped in matter of seconds and till your governments pays millions in ransom you will be living in a cave for the rest of your life or worst beheaded.

    • Stop lying idiot, the kind of you will never set foot in Somaliland and in case you do i am 100% sure you live and breath Somaliland.

  9. All of you Sade, Moamar, Truth you all have to be ashamed of your selves why are you insulting each other. You guys are grown man who are acting like 5 year olds. Shame on you all. Stop this nonsense once and for all. You guys are not mature the way you guys are acting. I am just telling you guys before it gets out of hand.

  10. Folks..I tell you…if ever there's gonna be talks taking place would be between Hargeisa and
    Mogadiscio. I tell you…these talks would be limited only between DR Silaanyo's and Ulusow's
    Govts. I Tell you…no renegates from either side would be allowed to participate in the talks.
    I tell you…all those losers farting on this Sldpress site to hold their farting canons into better uses.

  11. The separatists are demonstrating against their adopted father when he told them he will not visit nor recognize their silly tribalism….this must be heart breaking news for the two sub-clans and their minority members.

    Meanwhile, warlord and criminal Silaanyo is wanted in a UK court and he will not return to UK unless its for his illness.

    I did say everyone will turn against tribalism and 19th century colonial claims that never occurred…

    What is the next chapter of lies?

    The separatists believe Britain is their adopted father just because he bought few goats for his army in Aden for few decades…now like a widow they on the street mourning and grieving again. Their whole DNA spells "grieve" for me under my Lab.


    Son of a Garhajis man, the most realist Isaaq-Somali family mohahahaha….no Habashi blood.

    • Kayse Just wonder why they call you sheegato? Oromo Magaado and Habashi Jeclo both RIP Amen

      • Who calls me sheegato? Come on ninyahow…if anyone is sheegato it would be you since your not even a Somali. Do you have any contacts with your Tigray aunties? Gormaay ka luumeen? At least I am still with my Dir blood.

  12. Sade and Truth

    You two have been disrespectful guests on this website, change your attitudes or get the hell out of this website.

  13. 🙂 Loooool Axsan yaa Ingiriis Cade, this is what happens when you use British imperialism and slavery as a reference point for separation. I hope you learn your lessons and never mention that colonial BS again coz the Queen don't want you..

  14. Truth1 and Sade Xtraordinaire,

    I don't know what you gain from talking about completing Mohamed Siyad Barre's genocide and wishing death and destruction to our people in the north. What is your purpose when you are making hateful comments like the one above or you are calling everyone in northern Somalia a terrorist? If your aim is to unite our people, you surely miss the point and make yourselves total fools.You are dividing our people.

    Southern Somalia has major difficulty to come out of the path of senseless death and war. Peace will not prevail in a place where grave diggers are beg and pray for more bullets and bombs. businessmen in southern Somalia want to sell more Kafan to maintain their profit margin while the armed forces are robbing people in daylight and raping teenager girls. It is unlikely that normalcy and stability could be established in environment like that without help.

    In 1960s, the only force that could bring the disturbances in Mogadishu under control were the Somaliland Camel Corps. It seems we need Somali Camel Corps today more than ever. Please refrain from inciting hatred between the Somali people. We need every Somali so that we can restore our nation and dignity collectively and together.

    • Allemagan, I apologise bro. But my hate was directed only to the separatists and not the Is@@q people or north-west Somalia. But I get your point, and I will not use that sort of language any more, the same way I stopped using Is@@q name when referring to the separatists.
      Thank you.

  15. Truth and Sade, Guys i don't what was the hositly here why you guys were making threats about Somaliland and calling Somaliland terroist haven and making death threats and calling people territosts and using personal agenda that's why Somaliland is never joining Somalia because of Two faces like you guys and you guys were talking about who you guys will continue the genocide in Somaliland.
    Somaliland stability is not taken for granted and Somaliland is not for sale. You guys should be a bit respectfull for being in a Somaliland and you guys take advantage of our kindness and insult us on your website.

  16. Dear brothers and sisters of Somaliland we are a nation of grace and dignity, no south leaders and their people who are in mental distress due to the dignity and grace of Somaliland. could ever withstand the complex intellectual, medical, and sociological phenomenon of somaliland. For the south is a nation off mental illness such as, psychosis,neurouses so let the unconscious minds rule them, while we shine like sun. Truth always wins that is a fact, for we are born live in peace and consciousness life in Somaliland and that is something south would never have without psychoanalysis.

    • So far you have lost, which indicated that you were after all not the truth you claim. Remember, fabricated truth, only last for a period of time.

    • Nice try but Burger land comes under south somalia. It is only a two city race (hargaisa and mogadisho)

    • no wonder darood women are running away. It is sad when females are prosecuted for being raped.

      Don't worry, the Jamaican brothers will make them feel special.

  17. Goodby Mr. John, we don't wish you to stay in Somaliland. Somaliland people have never forgotten and will never forget the ceding of one third of Somalland to Ethiopia in 1954 by British Colony. Moreover, it is also unforgettable his aggressions related with the cessions of NFD to Kenya. So, it is gratefull to expell British nationals from our country as whole, because his presence is a threat to Somaliland, though some ones believe in British Colony rather than their belief to Allah. Goodby Mr. John, we don't wish you to stay in Somaliland.