By M.A.Egge

The National Armed Forces has dealt a heavy blow to the militants of the allied groups who were fighting in the Sool Region who attacked an army’s position in the Buq-Dharkayn area in the South of the Oog District on Wednesday.

The militants attacked Buq-Darkayn area early in the morning, with military vehicles, as their plan was to attack the army bases and the people of the area but their efforts were thwarted when they were repulsed.

The National Army, which is carrying out the duty of protecting the security of the country, caused a lot of damage to the group and captured prisoners and armored vehicles they were carrying.

There is no news from the National Army Command and the Ministry of Defense regarding the attack by the terrorist groups, however, according to the Dawan newspaper, eyewitnesses said that the National Army repulsed the terrorist group. The reports state that in recent days there has been organization of provocative violent acts perpetrated by the insurgents from as far as Awr-boogeys to Buhoodle that has had negative impacts on the pastoralists living in the region.

This attack by the allied militias is a provocation to start another conflict in the Sool region.