DUBAI – Somaliland’s Minister of Commerce & International Investment, Mohamed Abdilahi Omar,  is now in the UAE for part delegations partcipate  the Annual Investment Conference, has today (10th April) attend in annual investment meeting in dubai and met with the UAE Minister of Economy, Mr. Sultan Mansouri.

The annual investement meeting has attending to 123 countries around world  part to Republic of somaliland and that has met one issues to support third world countries and enhance about economy to the countries making to enhancing your economy this meeting to good opportunities to Somali countries and somaliland is a only Somali countries came and attend the meeting that victory to part to be confirm to invertors and countries to learning horn of Africa leader of democracy and good peacefull Rep of somaliland.

Minister of commerce&international investment dr:mohamer a/lahi omer has succeed to  take met and dialogue to support of somaliland and invest to  the country minister and delegation accompanied to his trip has met international investors came to conference and  a leader of a countries attend to the  conference a delegation from somaliland led minstrs omer to be  confirm to somaliland opportunities and giving anwers to what is the somaliland give good examples and touching victory existences to the country

This conference has a profit of somaliland  has obtain good opportunies has confirm your opportunities to want support a donors and investors  to be presenting and buying to somaliland opportunities to make investment  to Republic of somaliland and obtaining reality on the ground to the horn Gold republic of somaliland.

Minister of commerce & international investment dr:Mohamed omer and his delegation accompanied his trip to met minister of economic in UAE  During the bilateral meeting, the two Ministers talked about the current to rade between the UAE and Somaliland and areas that need to be developed. They have particularly focused on the possible investment projects that UAE can get involved in Somaliland, particular in the productive sectors such as fishery, hydrocarbons and cements. They also raised the role the UAE can take in helping Somaliland in developing tourism industry.

The two sides also envisaged exchange visits in a bid to streamline their trade relations and the scope for developing a sustainable and inclusive investment.

UAE and Somaliland teams discuss economic cooperationUAE and Somaliland teams discuss economic cooperation

The investment conference has been attended by more 123 countries for part Somaliland and many investors and business companies. Somaliland was one the country that has been invited to attend for the first time because of the interesting investment opportunities it offers and its political stability.

Upon conclusion of the very successful discussion which was followed by sumptuous Emirati Dinner Minister of Commerce & International Investment, Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar gifted his UAE counterpart Mr. Sultan Mansouri with a comprehensive an official ministerial book detailing the Somaliland investment policies and opportunities.

Dr Omar presents official Somaliland book on investment policies and opprtunities to UAE economy minister Sultan MansoorDr Omar presents official Somaliland book on investment policies and opprtunities to UAE economy minister Sultan Mansoor

Dr Omar whose country Somaliland is attending the Annual Investment Conference-AIM 2014 a UAE Ministry of Economy organized event for the first time is accompanied by the director general in the ministry of Foreign affairs Mohamed Hasan both of whom , have so far managed to network with the large cadre of ministers of economy from Arab and some select African countries.