By M.A. Egge

Somaliland Interior Minister Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed has welcomed the peace agreement reached by two communities living together in the Togdeer region which has recently been affected by violence.

The minister said that brotherhood and harmony in the local community is more valuable important than anything else.

The minister pointed out that the backbone of human life is essential for the community to live together in peace.

In a speech he made on Wednesday at a forum for the swearing in of the elders and intellectuals of two communities that recently clashed in the Ali-Sahid area of Togdeer region, he underpinned the need for safeguarding peaceful stability.

The forum where the elders of the clans were sworn in, which took place in the city of Burao, was also attended by members of the cabinet, opposition party leaders, parliamentarians, Togdeer regional administration, those of Burco district, and other officials.

The Minister of Internal Affairs JSL emphasized the importance of peaceful coexistence in any community living together.

“We said that people who live together share many things in their lives, and it is necessary for them to live together in peace”, he said.

“We can differ in politics, but we should not in terms of security and coexistence. The backbone of human life is the necessity of the community living together”, he said.

Minister Mohamed Kaahin praised the role played by the Burao local council, the elders of the two communities, as well as the intellectuals of other communities living in Togdheer region.

On the other hand, the Minister of Internal Affairs informed about the government’s commitment and the government’s role in resolving the violence.

This was led by the president of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi, who recently went to the city of Burao on a short trip where he had meetings with intellectuals and the elders of the warring clans