By Goth Mohamed Goth

Djibouti city – A high-level delegation led by Eng. Essa Ahmed Yusuf “Hawar” Somaliland minister of defense flanked by the minister of national planning Awale Ibrahim Shirwac on Wednesday met with the Prime minister of the Republic of Djibouti H.E Abdiqadir Kamil Mohamed, and the Djiboutian ministers of water resources and sports.

The purpose of the meeting was to forge close relations between the governments of Djibouti and the Republic of Somaliland and the security of the wider horn region.

Somaliland minister of defense, Eng. Essa Ahmed Yusuf “Hawar” speaking during the meeting said, “The people of Somaliland and Djibouti have much in common thus is essential for top leaders from both countries to hold such meeting which serves the mutual interest of both countries and furthermore continues to enhance their diplomatic, bilateral and historical relations.