The minister of Investment and Industry Hon. Abdillahi Abdirahman Aare flanked by his Director-General Mr. Mohamed Osman Saeed (Mohamed Somali) and Director for Industrial development Mr. Fuad Rashid Buulo held a high-level meeting with a UNIDO delegation in Hargeisa.

The UNIDO delegation was led by the head of the Somaliland and Somalia office Mr. Ygor Scarcia and Mr. Arup Baruah.

According to reports, the UNIDO delegation will assist Somaliland’s development of investment opportunities and the establishment of industries.

This is the first time the UNIDO organization has visited the country.

The ministry of investment and industry invited them to Somaliland.

The minister of investment and industry thanked the UNIDO delegation for their visit to Somaliland .

He also informed them about the strides the country is taking in uplifting her economic development programs through investment and industry.

Minister Abdillahi informed the UNIDO delegation the important areas they would like the organization to assist Somaliland.

They are as follows

  1. Preparation of policy paper on industry development.
  2. Assist in creation of Industrial Zones in Hargeisa.
  3. Upgrading the knowledge of ministry of investment and industry employees.
  4. Research and hold workshops about investment and industry.
  5. Employ experts with knowledge of investment and industry.
  6. Uplifting of development of investment opportunities and Industrialization.