By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hon Jama Mahmoud Egal, the Minister of Energy and Minerals Resources accompanied by cabinet ministers and Togdheer regional administration attended the opening ceremony of new offices of a minerals exploration and extraction company in the district of Fiqi Ayub in Togdheer region.

The district commissioner of Fiqi Ayuub thanked the Ministry of Minerals and Energy and the Government of Somaliland for this project and urged the local community to welcome the development project and keep the peace “We are glad to welcome the mineral exploration and extraction company and the government of Somaliland.

Hon Jama Mahmoud Egal speaking during the event said that, “The Somaliland government is committed to working closely with its partners to help facilitate and the continued success of this important national project and I would like to use this opportunity to urge residents of Fiqi Ayuub to embrace and welcome them and whatever that shall found will be of great benefit for the Somaliland people and also for Fiqi Ayuub, so I urge once you to welcome them with open hands.

Minister of Labor, Family and Social Affairs,  Hon. Hinda Jama Gaani praised the local community for the project and working with the government “Fiqi Ayub has benefitted from the many development projects initiated by the government.

Hon Mohamed Haji Aadan Elmi, Minister of Coordination of the national assemblies and Constitutional Affairs urged the local community to welcome the project ” I like to urge residents of Fiqi Ayuub to embrace and welcome them and work with them, the government is in the process of exploring the country for natural resources, “ said the minister.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals inspected the ongoing extraction work and at the same time held discussions with local elders and residents of Fiqi Ayub District.

Togdheer regional administration officials, members of House of Representatives thanked the ministry of Energy and minerals for the implementation of the project and urged the public to take advantage of this important project.