Hon Mustafe Mohamed Ali (Godane), the Somaliland Minister of Employment, Social and Family Affairs today hosted a luncheon in honor of journalists living in the Diaspora and members of the Civil society based in Sanaag region.

The luncheon event hosted by the Minister of Social Affairs which took place at the Mansoor Hotel.

In the course of the Luncheon the Minister and his distinguished guest had the opportunity to discuss development and matters affecting his constituency.

Among the notable journalists attending the luncheon were Mr. Mohamed Hassan Dhalo who works for the BBC Somali Service, Mr. Isse Talyaani , the managing  director of Waawo Production and Mr. Jama Feyte the Co Founder of English language website Somalilandpost.com , all of them live and work in the USA,  and  are currently visiting the country.

Lastly, the visiting journalists and members of the civil society praised the Minister for his good relations with his constituents.