The ministry of education and science is bent on fortifying credible and quality examinations standards in the country.

In a meeting held that brought the heads of local university institutions, the ministry has resolved to make invigilation of examinations of the secondary more secure.

They analyzed the quality of the examination and the development of education in the country, especially the high schools’ examination, hence resolved that this year’s examination locations would include the premises of the local campuses, for closer monitoring.

The meeting was opened by the Minister of Education and Science Hon. Dr. Ahmed Aden Buxane, who was flanked by his Deputy Hon. Dr. Mohamud Yusuf Elmi.

This meeting to discuss the improvement of the secondary certificate exams in high schools was attended by the University of Hargeisa, Amoud University, Burao University, Sanaag University, Adna Adan University, Tima-Adde University, Berbera Maritime University, Sheikh University of Agriculture and Animal Science, Civil Service Institute (CSI), and the national Teacher Training college.

The minister urged the authorities of the country’s universities to play a major role in the improvement of the certificate examination.

Finance minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire, who spoke at the meeting, praised the Ministry of Education and Universities in the country for improving and improving education in the country.

In cocluding, the Minister of Education and Science of Somaliland Mr. Dr. Ahmed Aden Buuhane, the Minister thanked the chancellors of the Universities, the National Education Committee and the officials of the National Examination Office, for their participation during the meeting.