By Goth Mohamed Goth

Burao-The Minister of Energy and Minerals, the Minister of Health Development, and the officials of Genel Energy today (Sunday) handed over a complete range of medical equipment consisting of:

  1. Oxygen-producing plant.
  2. Oxygen Storage Tanks (60 Pieces)
  3. Emergency monitoring machines.
  4. And respiratory, cardiac, etc. equipment.

Mr. Abdi Abdillahi representing GENEL said that equipment meant to boost the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in the country and the important role that the company is contributing to the current situation. The official said the company is always committed to assisting in the current situation. The company has previously contributed to the drought by donating foodstuff, water trucks; has established educational facilities and schools in many places and today it has brought these complete kits that will meet the urgent needs of the respiratory system and will last a very long time.

Mr. Abdi Abdillahi thanked the Minister of Energy and Minerals for submitting the order and following up on the purchase of the equipment.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals, Hon. Jama Mahmoud Egal, thanked Genel Energy for responding to the Ministry’s request for donating quality equipment that would meet the oxygen needs of the people of Burao.

On the other hand The Energy Minister further elaborated on the importance of the new COVID-19 equipment and at the same time lauding the Togdheer region especially Burao town in the country, pointing out that other regions will get similar equipment’s soon.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals further stated that the MoEM urges all firms to invest in the safety, development, and welfare of the people. The activities of the ministry and its partners are part of the KULMIYE government’s action plan.

He finally urged them to make use of the donated equipment and protect against negligence.

The Minister of Health speaking during the handing over ceremony thanked the Ministry of Energy and Genel for the generous donation.

The Minister highlighted the needs of the region and the positive response of Genel Energy. The Minister said that his ministry is committed to ensuring that Togdheer region’s health needs are at the forefront and assistance provided.

The minister also said the equipment would be a great help to the Burao Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Also speaking at the handover ceremony were:

  1. Chairman of Togdheer Region
  2. The Mayor of Burao District
  3. Chairman of the regional committee for Covid-19 disease.
  4. Director of Burco Hospital
  5. Traditional Leaders of Togdheer region.
  6. Chairman of the Somaliland Medical Association.
  7. An official from the company that won the contract to procure the materials.

Finally, the Minister of Energy and Minerals handed over the medical equipment to the Minister of Health.