The Ministry of Finance held a training course for the staff of the Inland Revenue in the country.

The training was organized by the Inland Revenue and Human Resources Department and was attended by the Deputy Minister of Finance Hon. Roda Jama Elmi and the Director of the Inland Revenue and Inland Revenue staffs and department officials.

Director of Inland Revenue Mohamed Ibrahim Batun speaking the purpose of the training stated it relates training staff in collecting GST tax, and to reiterate the tasks of making sure that all the tax’s collection to be in line with legal financial regulations.

“We also want to improve the acumen of the departmental staff”, he noted.

The Deputy Minister of Finance Hon. Roda Jama, who opened the training, said that it was important to expand the sources of tax revenue, and that the training was related to the goods service tax GST, a system launched in Hargeisa, but needed to expand throughout the country.