Viewers who watched the programme appeal for the effort to continue

The state administration has no inhibitions whatsoever in disseminating and highlighting opposition parties issues since they (parties) are part and parcel of national institution pillars.

The clarification was vividly made by the Minister of Information, National Guidance and Culture Hon. Saleebaan Yusuf Ali Koore during a summit hosted by the department for members of the public in a question and answer session attended the government and community in a rare opportunity of holding the state to check as far as accountability and transparency is concerned.

The summit was held at the ministry headquarters’ hall.

Hon. Kore, who was flanked by the Director General, departmental heads and numerous officials, updated the members of public on the milestone achievements realized by the ministry over the decades to the present day.

He spoke about the ministry’s history and steps taken to improve and perform its duties, such as expansions of Radio Hargeisa and the Holy Quran Radio, which has now their FMs reach most of the major cities in the country to date. Modernization of the National Television recording room and building new studios for the sector. He noted the addition of a communication center for the Ministry of Information and national agencies and ministries.

He clarified that there was no qualms about disseminating news and programs of the opposition parties, “as they are one of the pillars of the Somaliland nation”.

Minister Koore recalled the long road to rebuilding Somaliland nation that its people and government took going through a difficult struggle, starting from scratch upto the level it has reached proudly today.

Similarly, he cautioned on the crisis situation in the Horn of Africa, and how it needs to be guarded against.

Thereafter the members of the public and the private media correspondent’s army bombarded the information officials with a plethora of queries on multi-prong issues, however precarious or sensitive as they may.

Quite ably, aptly, responsibly and pragmatically were answers to counter given to the satisfaction of the probing. The meeting that was beamed live all over the world was greeted warmly with a lot of messages of support for the programme reaching us from diverse places within the country and abroad; all of them appealing for the effort to continue.

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