By Goth Mohamed Goth

The UK foreign office and Somaliland Ministry of Justice and Constitutional affairs today signed an agreement which will pave way for the introduction of new Case Management System (CMS) for the courts and custodial corps.

Mr. Abdurrahman Sheik Hassan Ismail, the director-general in the ministry of justice speaking during the occasion said, “The new system will enable us in tracking court performance and helps to bring accountability, increases public trust and confidence in the judicial system, and enhances the rule of law.

Ms. Helen from UK FCO said, “The Case Management System (CMS) is uniquely designed to meet justice sector needs. It enables governments to improve their justice systems by automating court processes, monitoring case activities, and supporting decision-making through the use of real-time data and analytics.

It also strengthens the accessibility and integrity of the justice system by enabling citizens to interface electronically with judicial bodies and services. Synergy CMS provides a complete set of functionality that includes online data entry, analytics, reporting, workflow management, and system administration.

Hon. Abdirizak Ali Abdi, the Minister of Justice speaking on the new Case Management System (CMS) said, “The ministry of justice will now be able us to track each and every case scheduling, managing caseloads and measuring the time between case filing and disposition. We are already training staff on how to use the new system.