Somaliland Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, ARDA and Kaafi Solar today signed a three sided agreement which paves ways for the largest solar energy project to ever be undertaken in the country.

The project shall oversee the installation of solar generator energy in at least 30 locations spread across the country including schools , water points and MCH’s.

Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources speaking during the signing ceremony of the three-point agreement said, “I am happy and honoured to be here today as one of the signatories of these historic energy agreement, which will be beneficial to all citizens of Somaliland and the environment.

Minister of Energy and Minerals added, “Solar power in Somaliland is also rapidly emerging as a promising alternative source of energy. The current government led by H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo has realized that the potential for renewable sources of energy should be exploited to help revitalize the region’s power supply and provide a cost-effective alternative.

“We must seriously look at sources of renewable energy such as solar and wind power,” says Duale.

On the other hand, One Said Ahmed Jibril , the director general, in  the Ministry of Energy speaking during the occasion said,” Apart from the grant Solar project , the three point agreement also consisting of another parallel project will see the production of 10,000 high efficiency charcoal burning stoves, which will be produced and manufactured locally.

charcoal stove to the product line as the demand in many African countries surpasses that of wood stoves. The charcoal stove incorporates design characteristics from the wood stove and modifies them to apply to the type of heat charcoal produces