By Ahmed Kheyre


After much prodding and pushing by the international community, the presumptive federal entity in Mogadishu held a meeting to formulate plans for the proposed elections in 2016. These plans are to be based on the failed 4.5 formula, but without a proper census and voter registration. Apparently, there will be a lower house with 275 seats and an elder house with 54 seats.  Almost similar to Somaliland’s House of Representatives and Guurti, except Somaliland’s parliament is directly elected.


But, the most absurd aspect of this formula refers to Somaliland, and specifically the term, “with special arrangement for Somaliland” and even more delusional ” the existing, emerging and prospective federal states”, which in their fantasy world includes Somaliland.


Puntland has already rejected the agreement, and Somaliland was not even there. It really is the theatre of the absurd!



Before, we proceed, let us remind the folks in Mogadishu a few facts.



  1. In 1991 Somaliland reclaimed its independence after the implosion of the Somali Republic.


  1. The Somaliland people ratified the reclamation of sovereignty enshrined in the constitution in 2001.


  1. Somaliland is not a signatory of a federal constitution or charter.


  1. The writ of the federal entity does not have jurisprudence in Somaliland.


  1. A few people working for themselves in Mogadishu do not represent over 3 million Somalilanders.




The people of Somaliland would like to wish their Somali brothers and sisters in all regions of the Horn of Africa peace and progress, but, they have no desire to regurgitate the defunct Somali Republic. That is in the past and shall remain in the past.


Somalilanders would like remind the international community that the  people of Somaliland have no desire to form another union with southern Somalia. That has been tried before and failed spectacularly, to make claims on Somaliland which are not based on reality, will not help to foster cordial relationship between the two countries.


For close to three decades, successive feeble administrations concocted in Mogadishu have claimed authority over the territories of the defunct Somali Republic, without being able to assume control of Mogadishu. This current administrations has all the trappings of a “proper” albeit democratically unelected administration, but it is still cannot stamp its legitimacy on Somalia.


Issuing wildly inaccurate statements without any  bases in reality is comical. Perhaps, the folks in Mogadishu do not understand,  that the son Omar Arteh, Fosiya or any other person who is chasing the dollar does not and will never represent the wishes of Somalilanders. It is a sign of weakness to claim something that you cannot possess, doesn’t need you and has already moved on.


Somaliland and Somalia will always have cultural, social and economic ties, but never political ties. Even, in the unlikely event, that a person with Somaliland roots becomes a president in Mogadishu, the people of Somaliland will never have, politically, anything to do with Somalia. If, the money hungry free-loaders in Mogadishu want to go around the world claiming that they speak for Somaliland, let them. We all know the truth and the whole world knows the truth.


Somaliland is here to stay, and in the fullness of time, when the time is ripe and the formula and strategy for international de-jure recognition has been implemented, then the reality on the ground will be accepted.


Meanwhile, to our Somali brothers and sisters in Mogadishu, the fervour of 1960 is but a distant memory. It is no longer there and can never be regained. And to those hoping that the passing of time will erode Somaliland’s ambition, let me say this, with each passing day, Somaliland and Somalia grow further apart, politically, socially and economically. Think about it, a whole generation of Somalilanders have come of age knowing nothing but Somaliland.


So, go ahead and keep making references to Somaliland in your “theatre of the political absurd”, but, if Somalia is unwilling to accept the reality on the ground, then frankly, it will never get anywhere,



Allaa Mahad Leh