Gen Fadal

By Goth Mohamed Goth

The country has of lately experienced an upsurge in traffic accidents in the first quarter of 2014 being the deadliest, and the trend will likely continue unless something is done quick to curtail the road scourge this revealed today during a press briefing by the country top law enforcement officer.

The Police Commandant went on to say , “Several factors cause the increasing road traffic accidents, including usage of Mobile phones while driving poor driving knowledge, poor roads, overloading passengers and goods, high speeds and lack of road signs,”

“About 648 road accidents occurred in first quarter of 2014 causing 20 deaths ,443 injuries 414 vehicles damaged , 40 herd of livestock lost and 26 buildings damaged respectively,” said Brig. Gen Abdulahi Fadal Iman, the Commander of Somaliland’s Police Force.

Brig. Gen Fadal added that traffic accidents are arguably the country’s largest cause of death, “In 2013 there were at least 2374 road accidents recorded, 130 deaths, more than 1433 persons injured and 1596 vehicles damaged

During the same year (2013), 516 herds of livestock were lost, 133 building structures damaged the police boss said as this comes in a time when the UN marks the road safety week.



  1. i wonder why the traffic have no rules and system in somaliland . meanly rules help to catch those break the laws and system manage by government. th traffic policemen in somaliland needs to be educated the regulation to be followed according to plan scheduled organized and system to be managed .the traffic boss should seek for advice including me to show the right direction and symbols of sign to put every necessary place. the government can collect extra fains and help to build police force for increased of salary and equipments to handle vital cases to road and safety regulation and appoint the team to work with them due scarcity of employment in somaliland . we are know consider to be recognized lets manage our country as development state no just reading amount of accident but to see how we solve the problems .

  2. This is a sensitive matter you are a talking about it, Somaliland road accidents are rising and that traffic cops are not doing there jobs and they are corrupt and the ministry of public works are giving drivers license away to unexperienced youngsters. There are more factors or cause in accidents in Somaliland and also in the capital city of Hargeisa, and I notice that one of the many factors of the accidents there the chief forgot to mention was tailgating following too closely, and cutting of drivers and sudden turns and most drivers don’t use turning signals that confuse drivers and also add lack of sleep that cause car accidents and every 6 months the chief speaks about the accidents in Somaliland and he promises that something will be done. Somalis think that driving is a right not a privilege and it’s the other way around and we the diaspora landers are experts at driving rules and laws, and it is very hard in the west to get a drivers license and it needs practice and training with professional, qualified driving instructors, and also when you are getting a commercial license that you need a full drivers license then you need to be tested on the general knowledge exam and the road test two exams and that how you get your vehicle license and commercial drivers license which are buses, trucks, taxis, limos, ambulance and in Somaliland those people who drivers the commercials vehicles next to the regular vehicles are also the cause of accidents, and there should be no private taxis in the cities in Somaliland which is a safety risk and there should be public company taxi with trained and qualified drivers, and with the bus drivers they need practice and training and that goes for the truck drivers they need more driving and training more then the buses and taxis and that they should drive with caution when driving in their surrounding with the smaller cars, and in Somaliland there is no road ettiqute and no courtesy driving and no yielding the right of way and that causes accidents as well. Somaliland has to introduce a new system to reduce car accidents and speaking to the public every six months will not work and people will not listen. The only the people to listen is to be effective and productive and carry the situation and make the driver licensing system hard and make like the west so that It will reduce accidents and introduce to two steps of the license which is one is the permit that they you need to pass the knowledge test first and to the full drivers license that you need to be a pass a road test and that the licensing system has to be fair and clean and that no bribery should be accepted and that if the examiner sees bribery that examiner should report the incident to his or her supervisor.

  3. During that period of the permit period that there should be mandatory driver education for new drivers and for the long time drivers and the police and armed forces should take that course in Somaliland especially the capital which consists of defense driving course to improve driving and to avoid accidents, and defense driving is about saving lives time and money. To give you a good driving technique and to improve the driving skills, and to despite adverse conditions or the mistake of others. There should be rules of the road in Somaliland to reduce the accidents there. There is one which is al mostly as deadly as accidents which is road rage and road rage is common in the streets of Hargeisa and that drivers fight with each other because one’s mistake and that road rage sometimes gets violent in Hargeisa and fortunately it does not get deadly like in the western world. There should be severe laws on road rage as well in Somaliland, and many people in Hargeisa complain that there are too much cars coming into Somaliland every day from Berbera Port, Djibouti Port, and neighboring countries. There should be mandatory driving training for those who wish to get a commercial license in Somaliland like buses, taxis, trucks, ambluances, fire trucks, and a license and a permit for the matter and there should be professional driving training for those drivers. IN Somaliland people just get behind the wheel and learn driving within 3 days and that they are ready to drive and they have ignorance on driving and the rules of the road and they think they are better drivers then diaspora landers which is not true the diaspora landers are more experienced and more qualified drivers then the locals. Somaliland should introduce a car pool policy to reduce traffic jams and that more people should take public transportion w

  4. Car pooling in Somaliland should be introduced and that the government has to take initatives to fight the road issues facing our beloved nation. Car pooling would reduce traffic jams which are facing Hargeisa and many parts of the country and accidents and fuel, and many homes in Hargeisa, and that neighbors or co workers or students in Hargeisa should rely on Carpooling or public transportation which consists of city buses and taxis. The taxis in Somaliland should be licensed and that no private should be tolerated and that each person who wants to be a cabbie in Somaliland must pay an additional fee to city hall and a taxi fee to the company and has to be professional it his job

  5. There should be professional taxi drivers and they should not put the passgeners life and the life in harms way that the driver should drive in a professional manner and should take short cuts to avoid traffic jams in the city. There should be city buses with huge buses and that there should be many buses that go allover the city that looks the exact same and they should be called Hargeisa city transit bus and that no minibuses any neighborhoods to operate. Truck drivers need crucial hours of training and that should be aware of the surrounding and the cargo they are carrying in, and that they are responsible for the safety of the truck and others on the road and they should be courteous drivers. There should be separate lanes for trucks on the highways and in the city and that should not be going in certain neighborhoods because of their size and that should drive a steady speed and the truck should go slower then smaller not the other way around and that many of the accidents in Somaliland are caused by imcompetent truck drivers and irresponsible bus drivers, and impatient cabbies. They should drive in a professional manner and that there should be a motorcycle license and that all motorcycle riders are required by law to wear helmets even passengers on the motorcycle as well and the reason why car accidents happen in our country is that boys climb in the back of cars, vans, suvs, buses, trucks and that driver sometimes don’t what’s going on and the driver gets in trouble with police and some cases pays blood money and what giving ride to strangers that you give a stranger ride and that the car is involved in a serious accident and for that case you are responsible for the person and that blood money is a must for that person. It’s those goofy elders who making those rules stick and they don’t control the law and it’s like doing a good deed will automatically land you in trouble. Somaliland needs to fix the driving rules and to enhance the method of driving.