By M.A. Egge

The National Electoral Commission and the British government have discussed the issues of the elections, their preparation and the activities of the electoral commission on Tuesday.

The British government has promised to help in the Somaliland elections that are expected to be held next year, after a meeting was held with the Somaliland National Elections Committee and the head of the British office in Somaliland Mr. Ilyas Malek and other officials.

The National Electoral Commission gave a report on the preparation of the elections and the completion of the electoral law before the Somaliland House of Representatives.

They also discussed in the meeting the production of the final list of Voters and the preparation of plans and budgets for the elections.

“The National Electoral Commission of the Republic of Somaliland today received a delegation led by the Head of the UK Office in the Republic of Somaliland Md Somaliland Md. Ilyas Malek with other officers. The purpose of this visit was an introductory meeting. The meeting also discussed the preparations for the upcoming elections in the Republic of Somaliland”, said a statement by the commission on the meeting.

The British noted, “The National Electoral Commission, for its part, has given us a report on the delegation of the ongoing election preparation activities such as the completion of the Law in the House of Parliament, the production of the Final List of Voters, and the preparation of election timelines and budget. They asked the UK delegation to support the work of the National Electoral Commission in the implementation of the elections”.