By M.A. Egge

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) of the Republic of Somaliland held a wide-ranging meeting on Wednesday to discuss issues related to the preparation, completion and issuance of the final list of potential voters (Final Voter List).

The meeting also discussed and analyzed the preparatory plans for the upcoming general elections which saw the participation of regional and district heads of the NEC.

A press release from the elections agency read as follows; “The National Electoral Commission of the Republic of Somaliland held a meeting to prepare for the elections that are expected to be held in the country.

“It held a meeting for all regional and district chairmen of the Electoral Commission with the purpose of the meeting being to draft, finalize and issue the final List of Voters.

“The meeting also discussed the preparatory plans for the upcoming national elections and general situation on the ground was shared by all officials.

“Summarily, NEC has recently held meetings to enhance the work of the commission, in paving the way for a timely election.”

On the other hand, the National Electoral Commission on Wednesday received the Ambassador of Taiwan to the Republic of Somaliland, Ambassador Allen Chenhwa Lou, at its headquarters in which it briefed the diplomat on the preparation and acceleration of the upcoming elections.

The National Electoral Commission thanked the Ambassador for his country’s support in the implementation of the simultaneous elections of the Local Councils and Representatives of Somaliland, and asked him to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries, especially in the areas of democracy and elections.