The Internet supply to the country is now to be fully undertaken jointly by the government of Somaliland and three major local telecoms.
This is according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Communications and Technology which revealed that all systems are go for the National Fiber Optic Company (NFOC) to start implementing its mandate.
The NFOC is a collaborative venture that brings together the com & technology Ministry ( representing government of Somaliland) and the local telecom giants Telesom, Somtel and Somcable.
The NFOC is tasked with full responsibility of
1. setting up, maintaining, and expanding Internet connectivity and accessibility in the country,
2. Interconnecting telecommunication companies networks thus ensure Telesom and Somtel telephone services subscribers are connected either way, as opposed to then long years of non interconnectivity
As of the first April 2022 Telesom and Somtel services subscribers are now able to reach one another via either platform all over the cojntr, y
Upon fulfilment of its mandate what are the target outcomes of the NFOC to Somaliland
I. Accelerate the economic development of the country.
II. Access to quality and low-cost communication services
III. Enhancing the use of modern technology.
IV. Improving vital communications infrastructure. And
V. Achieving fair competition between telecommunications companies.

The Somaliland NFOC is composed of ministry of Communications, Telesom, Somtel and Somcable companies

The Somaliland National Fiber Optic Company (NFOC) that became operational thus full charge on April 1st 2022 is under a Board of Directors that oversees the management team
In the statement Announcing NFOC as fully and officially operational the ministry of Communications and Technology says that
quote- It is noteworthy that the government of Somaliland is taking advantage of NFOC’s stake in the plan to provide high-speed Internet access to various government offices, educational institutions, health centers and any other public-owned facility.
Finally, the Ministry would like to inform the Somaliland community that the implementation of the Cable Agreement has been completed, and would like to thank all those who participated in and facilitated this process, including Somcable, Somtel and Telesom.