The House of Representatives Committee tasked on National Insurance Act met with the Board of Directors of the National Insurance Agency led by the Minister of Finance Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire.

After the meeting, which lasted for several hours, the chairman of the Parliament Committee Hon. Noor Osman and the Minister of Finance Dr. Sa’ad spoke to the media.

We met with the National Board of Insurance led by its Chairman, Minister of Finance Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire, we have had a good discussion on the role of the nation, and the national interest. The Insurance Act process is progressing well and we hope to complete it soon, said Hon. Nuur, Chairman of the committee.

Chairman of the National Insurance Board, Minister of Finance Dr. speaking at the meeting, Sa’ad Ali Shire said that the House of Representatives, who are performing their duties, called a meeting to the National Insurance Board, to discuss the Insurance Act.

Dr Sa’ad said they had a good with the House of Representatives committee and that they hoped the House would fulfill its responsibilities.