The Somaliland Electoral Commission has extended the voter registration process in Awdal, Maroodijeh, and Togdheer regions by seven days, following the completion of three days for the three regions.

The Electoral Commission’s Card Distribution Operators will continue to participate in designated locations for the distribution of cards between April 4th and 10th.

Click on the table below for the designated locations where the card issuance process will continue in Maroodijeex and Awdal regions.

In Maroodijeex region, Card Distribution Process will continue in designated locations in and around Hargeisa, Balligubadle, Alleybaday, Salahley and Wajale Districts.


On the other hand, AWDAL Region will continue the process of issuing registration cards in designated locations in Borama, Baki, Lughaya, and Zeila Districts.