Vote counting and releasing the provisional results of the parliamentary and local government elections underway in Somaliland, the country’s national electoral commission has released the preliminary results of 14 out of 23 electoral districts. The three political parties have performed well so far. Kulmiye-Somaliland’s ruling party is on the top.

The main electoral disputes, the ruling party defeated opposition parties include Aynabo, and Baligubadle. The public is keen to hear the preliminary results of the main cities where most eligible votes were registered.

The cities include the capital of Somaliland Hargeisa, Berbera, Boroma and Buroa. According to NEC’s statement, Kulmiye captured 5 seats while UCID and Wadani secured 3 seats in Eil Afweyn. As for Einabo, Kulmiye got 4 seats, UCID captured 3 while Wadani got 2 seats. Wadani received 6 seats, Kulmiye got 4 while UCID received 1 seat in Odweyne. As for Baligubadle, Kulmiye garnered 4 seats, Wadani got 3 while UCID got 2. When it comes to Sheikh, all parties have received equal seats whereby all got 3