As they met Swedish delegation, official political parties

By M.A. Egge

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has revealed that in a week’s time it will avail the timetable for the electioneering processes for both the presidential elections and that of the political organizations in a simultaneous voting come 13th November this year.

The NEC has similarly disclosed that it will also publicize the final list of potential voters at the same time.

These were made public following a meeting that the elections board held on Wednesday with all the three national official political parties and a delegation from the Sweden government at their headquarters.

According to a statement published on the official Facebook page of the Somaliland National Elections Commission, it explained, “The National Elections Commission received a delegation led by the Swedish Ambassador Mr. Joachim Waern and an official Mr. Johan Svensson”.

It further noted that the NEC briefed the Ambassador about the preparations for the election hence disclosed that they would in the course of the week release both the list of potential Final Voters and the timetable Schedule of the Presidential and National Party Elections.

It also said that the Electoral Commission has asked the Swedish government and the Swedish government to support the elections, especially the economy.

It continued, “On the other hand, we met with the officials of the three national parties, UCID, WADDANI and KULMIYE, and we discussed the activities of the elections and the availing of the schedule for the both the presidential elections and that of the national political organizations, with the agreement that free and fair elections will take place in the country”.