A highly organized cultural festival that was essentially a competition convened by the New Generation University has come to a close with winners presented with awards on Tuesday.

The theme of the festival was “Culture Week.” Students from six different faculties participated in the cultural bonanza.

They showcased their diverse arts in the fields of tradition foods and cutleries, folk songs and poetry.

Tests in oral literature and religion were also in the itinerary.

Faculty of Social Sciences, IT, Business, Health and the two others from Gabiley campus were represented in the competition.

At closing ceremony, the assistant minister of information Hon. Sayid Hassan Habane and top University dons gave their speeches.

Hon. Sayid congratulated the winners of top prizes while emphasis the importance of Somali cultural heritage in every society.

He thanked New Generation University for holding this great event.

He said “I commend the university don and lecturers for molding students through cultural shows and promoting understanding of cultural heritage of different people.”

The faculties of health, computer sciences and commerce were the winners of the different categories.

Hon. Sayid presented the awards.