Hargeisa’s New mayor Abdikarim Ahmed mooge on Thursday launched a special operation aimed at cleaning the city. Thousands of people including religious leaders, Political parties, youth groups and companies took part in the campaign.

The clean-up campaign began at 5:30 a.m. with the participation of hundreds of Hargeisa residents, men and women. children and adolescents and was taken from a large number of harps in the Hargeisa valley.


Deputy Mayor of Hargeisa Hon Khadar Ahmed congratulated participated people, and echoed his twitter “The achievement was remarkable. Thanks to the people of #Hargeisa for joining us. Towards a clean and green #Hargeisa.”

Images taken at the end of the clean-up campaign showed changes in the valley and how the beauty of the sand returned.



The entire Somaliland community has welcomed the move by Hargeisa City Council Chairman Mr. Adkiriin and his deputy Mr. Khadar-Nur were leading and all Hargeisa councilors participated, urging them to persevere.

The Mayor of Hargeisa said that this is not the first operation but pledged to continue such cleaning exercises.

On June 17, Hargeisa‘ local council elected activist Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge as the new mayor of the capital city. Council members voted for him uncontested. Mooge made the record in the recent elections after he won 26k votes the highest votes in the history of Somaliland‘s local elections.