In a joint press conference held at Asod Hotel in Hargeisa, the nine political organizations that were recently certified by Somaliland Commission for Registration of Political Parties reiterated that political organizations elections will be held before the upcoming presidential elections.

They reaffirmed their priority and sent a message to the Kulmiye led government and the two opposition parties UCID and Wadani. The terse statement released by the nine political organizations stated that after the election of the political parties the current  three national parties will pave way for the new parties to contest in the upcoming elections.

Addressing the press the spokesperson stated “Somaliland constitution allows citizens to elect the leaders and be elected in elective posts, however it forbids for the political arena to be dominated by a clique of politicians.”

The political organizations vehemently opposed the formation of political parties that are allied to a tribal outfit.

Political Organizations spokesman said that tribal political parties will cause disunity amongst the population and dent the sense of national unity in the country.

They confirmed that for a political party to operate in the country it should have the confidence and support of voters.

The parties joint presser urged the government to make sure peace and harmony have been maintained since Somaliland is located in a region where strife and animosity is prevalent. They stated incase of disagreements other peaceful avenues should be sought for amicable resolution.

The spokesperson released several points from the meeting:

1.The peace and security of the country should be protected. Any complaints and differences should be solved through the electoral laws and should be within the country constitution. The ruling of the supreme court should be respected and implemented.

2.According to article 9 of Somaliland constitution act 5 of law number 14/2011. The first elections to be held in the country is political organizations elections whereby the three national political parties will be elected to participate in the presidential election. The three national parties will represent the electorate for a ten years period.

3.Somaliland National Electoral Commission is the only entity allowed to hold the elections. Political Organizations will wholeheartedly work together with the elections body.

  1. Any political differences should be solved through consensus.
  2. The only way to ascend to power is through multi party election setting.