By Goth Mohamed Goth

On Friday, the Danish ambassador hosted a meeting with Somaliland officials and partners from the international community in Nairobi, Kenya.

The meeting which took place at the official residence the Danish ambassador brought together Somaliland officials and International partners to discuss the drought, development and delays in the elections and the way forward.

Hon Ahmed Hashi Abdi, “The deputy Minister in Charge of Presidential Affairs briefing the members of the media regarding the meeting during a press conference held on Saturday said,” The International Community expressed serious concern over Somaliland’s decision to delay Somaliland’s Parliamentary March 2017 elections.

The Deputy Minister in Charge of Presidential Affairs added,” During the meeting we stressed the President made a carefully considered, legitimate, and widely supported decision based on political, constitutional and technical grounds and decision of the political parties to delegate to and abide by the resolution of the president on the issue concerning the election of the House of Representatives”, he further stated.

Hon Ahmed Hashi Abdi stated, “We also discussed political matters including the stalled Somaliland/Somalia talks and agreed to hold similar meeting in Hargeisa in early March 2017”,

“The meeting ended with a constructive dialogue and Somaliland looks forward to keeping up the work closely with the International partners in the months to come”, he said.

Among the representatives of partners from the international community attending the meeting were;