HARGEISA, 17 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – It was two days ago when the two opposition parties of Somaliland formed a joint committee and called for a mass demonstrations in all the regions of the country. The opposition parties asked their supporters to show their loyalty and put pressure on the government to reconsider its decisions towards the elections.

The demonstrations are likely to take place tomorrow (Tuesday) as a part of the deteriorating political crisis in the country. The opposition parties said the demonstrations will put a pressure on the government and show how much the Somaliland people support the opposition in the current issues.

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The government said any demonstrations by the opposition parties are illegal and will be dealt with. Speaking to the press, the Minister of Interior, Mr. Abdillahi Mohamed Irro said his ministry was not informed about the demonstrations. He said the intension of the opposition parties is to disturb the peace and will not be tolerated.

He accused the opposition of threatening people to close their business or face the consequences. He said such actions are shame to the republic and should be stopped.

Whatever the case, it is expected to witness a day of demonstrations and counter-demonstrations in the main cities of Somaliland. As usual the protestors will fill the main streets and the security forces will try to use bullets to stop them reaching the main governmental buildings and offices.