HARGEISA, 31 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – There have been some scurrilous reports from certain journalistic bankrupt websites that Somaliland “armed forces” have seized the Somaliland parliament. According to this particular website, that only a few days ago reported the false news that the Somaliland President, Mr. Kahin had sacked his very active and able defense minister. For shame, if there is no news, then make it up and then distorted the facts. Of course, that is par for the course in their corrupt locales, after all, once a pirate always a pirate in Pirateland.

First, all the Somaliland Police Force are in charge of the Parliament security. They can only enter the internal offices if they have been requested by the Speaker or the chair of the session in progress.

Secondly, during the recent security operation on Saturday, August 29th, 2009, the police conducted their security patrol with minimum fuss, there were no arrest, and no member of the Parliament was in any dealt that impinged their dignity.

Thirdly, no reporters were beaten or manhandled. It was an orderly patrol that was designed to protect the well-being of the parliamentarians and ensure the safety of all those present at the complex.

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Sadly, Somaliland’s enemies have resorted to fabricating news in order to try and besmirch the nation’s reputation for peace and democracy. In this era of uncorroborated news, in which most of these bankrupt website do not even have a reporter in the locale, lies and fabrications are used to spread falsehood disguised as journalism.

The Somaliland Police Force has always conducted themselves with valour and honour, and has in no way breached their role as the custodians of law and order.

The same cannot be said for the authorities in whom these anti-Somaliland and morally bankrupt websites operate.

The advice to those who are interested in Somaliland and would like to get a balanced view of the situation, based on true journalistic values of balance, research and confirmation, is to avoid reading articles that begin in the following manner;
Somalia: Somaliland or include the phrases such as secessionist or headlines that enclosed in quotation marks, because, it is one hundred percent certain that these kind of articles are propaganda pieces masquerading as journalism, fabricated by anti-Somaliland elements who have neither the resources nor credibility to write fair, balanced and objective articles.

These kinds of websites are akin to the so-called gutter press, in fact, they are much worse than that and everything they write should be regarded as lies and fabrication or at the most taken with a pinch of salt.

By: Ahmed Khayre


  1. Mr.Khayre, cry-not, it's over for Riyale. If you are mentlly fit, you know he can't win over law and justice. We rested our case at that already and no body nor any external force, could do any applustion for him, or secure him from glaws of justice. He is a history and an inulting one. why don't you learn from Dr. Abdishakur jaohar, the fundamental conditions of truly understanding the way-out of the current political Guagmire!! Dr. Alishaqi

  2. wooooow. what the guulwadayn, every one sees wat is going on the parliament, every one knows why riyale do that.
    you are just brushing up the reality, nothing can hide the reality except ALLAH.
    today these society needs special rescue, we the people we can't see what the riyale doing the legislative part, the media and the opposition part.
    the media can do what they see only, i think that u are one of the faqash people, those always like to hide something such as genocide.