Hargeisa, 11 July 2009 (somalilandpress) – The three Somaliland parties signed the new electoral code of conduct prepared by the Electoral Comission. The process which took longer than expected and in which the opposition accused the governmetn of delaying the process has finally been signed today.

In an event at Maansoor hotel, representatives from the three political parties signed the agreement which was the main challenge to the expected presidential elections in the country. The signing of this document will pave the way for the elections in September this year.

The second step will be the electoral committee to announce the final list of the registered voters for the elections within the coming two weeks. Although the process is not easy but it is believed that would be the last constrain to the long awaited elections.

Somaliland managed to conduct at least four elections in the past eight years without the support of the International Community.



  1. I am glad this is now behind us, and we should move forward and publish the final list of the registered voters.

    One final thing is that we should have someone to translate the Obama speech to Mr. Riyaale.

  2. It doesnt mean anything, the moral of the people have already been damaged, ina Rayale showed his true image and his camp, it doesnt mean much to people like me, its just a paper, its not mutual.

  3. Yonis, lighten up..at least we are moving forward..no fighting, no guns, no murder of innocent women and kids…celebrate the dialogue, discussion and consensus formula, the campaigning begins in August..see you there…

  4. Hi,
    Mr. Omer Dualeh, I see you are really awful in a way! Rayale, though he doesn't have that much of qualifications I am sure he showed far more better policies, respect and patience among the competiting rival parties. Sure, he has some rigid, strong background of early schooling and relevantly had had good enough higher professional trainings and courses of politics, public administration, and security.

    Sure he doesn't care for the hostilities of arogant, ignorant chaps who are not bright enough to spell correctly even his name, their president's name: RAYALE, just like you.

    Ofcourse, it is obvious that President Rayale does not need a traslation of Obama's speech in

    Hassan Deri.

  5. The existing parties are ineligible for the presidency. I feel sorry for us & I hope every Somalilander will demand for his / her rights by voting to the right party. This is advice to somalilander everywhere: Don’t vote for Qabiil or personal interests vote for the party you think deserves it.
    we need to go ahead with building our country.