Somalilandpress- It is not only the Somaliland where troubles star when there is disagreement among the political factions. We observed dilemmas almost activated around the world when political arguments and disputes became visible.  But the most dangerous and uncertain one is if the law enforcement and military are involved the heated political clashes.

Somaliland police and military did a respectable duty when they met the political parties specially the oppositions. This golden and historic opportunity was proved the people of Somaliland who were worried about the situation that the military and police committed and insured for the people who are good citizens, build their country without penny from the world development agency, that they were not a portion of this political drams.

When political parties can not find a solution and solve their dilemma, Military and police have right to keep law and order. Military and Police officers must use their power to keep the peace and security even if that leads to them a military coup. But this takeover must not be used as excuse to become a second dictatorship; it should use only to cure the political disputes, leading the political parties to a free and fair election.

Military can enforce the country a temporary laws which will give the political factions a possibility of negotiation. On the other hand, it will be a lesson to any civilian political party who tries to hold the power forcefully after free and fair election.

It will differentiate between Somaliland and other African nations again and open the road of investment. International investment personal invests only where pillars of the peace are physically powered.

The military are the most fundamental portion of this occasion and they must understand this will be their first constitutional test.
Somaliland had shown the world that it could control its temper. This was not the first election argument happened Somaliland.

There were a difficult times Somaliland faced in the past , so the political parties need to make sure again to handle the situation  understandable and more reasonable act as responsible civic political portion or else the law enforcement will take any possible steps to cooling down the temper which can lead  military coup possible and necessary 
ENG. caaynab


  1. "Military and Police officers must use their power to keep the peace and security even if that leads to them a military coup."