By Goth Mohamed Goth

A police officer was stoned to death and two others were seriously injured by angry residents of Fiqi Ayub Village in Togdheer region.

Details of the incident that occurred on Saturday evening are now becoming known this according to the district administrator Mr. Abdiweli  Qodax who spoke to a local Somali language Television HCTV.

The Administrator Mr. Abdi Weli Abdiweli Qodax said people are angry but failed to elaborate the cause that led the residents of Fiqi Ayub village to violently confront the consignment of police officers.

Brig. Gen Abdurrahman Liban Foole, the deputy commissioner of Somaliland police force flanked by Col Ahmed Aw Ali Shabeel the commanding officer in Toghdeer region speaking to reporters in Burao confirmed the death of the police officer in Fiqi Ayub village but stopped short of revealing the details that led to the incident. The deputy police boss said that it was not the first time resident of Fiqi Ayub had confronted police. He added those who causing trouble shall be dealt with from now henceforth.

Reliable sources say residents of Fiqi Ayub are said to be have angered by the decision to grant sole right over the exploration and extraction of recently discovered deposit of precious stones (Jade) to Chinese companies.