Somaliland police have distanced themselves from reports by opposition media that Somaliland police have raided the home of Wadani Party presidential candidate Abdurrahman Mohamed Mr. Abdullahi “Irro”.

A police spokesman said,” Police officers on patrol were responding to a distress call made by a Hargeisa citizen, who was being harassed by a group of thieves.

He added that “At 3:00 am on Wednesday morning, the distress call was by Mr. Daud Guled Ahmed, a Somaliland citizen living in the Hodan Hills neighborhood, who was being harassed by drunkards.

The police spokesperson further said, “The officers on patrol on their way back after responding to the distress call, were then told to turn around, by Wadani Party presidential candidate Mr. Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro security guarding his residence and then shots were fired, but the police officers did not respond.

He said that the police are responsible for ensuring the security and safety of both opposition officials, government supporters, and all citizens living in the country.

Finally, he said police would investigate the incident, calling the attack on Irro’s home “a serious crime especially when a presidential candidate is concerned”.