The Committee for the Registration of Political Organizations and the Approval of National Parties has issued new procedural directives for managing the verification processes of the remaining regions and cautioned the political organizations to adhere to the new guidelines.

Prior to the issuing of the directives the committee, held a meeting with the chairpersons of political organizations and discussed the application of the new guidelines to be followed for the verification of the required one-thousand people endorsement that will be in Togdeer, Sanaag and Sool regions.

The meeting held in Burao City by the Committee for Registration of Political Organizations and Political Organizations was adopted to implement the new procedure, especially in the physical counting of the voting supporters as legally required.

The required numbers for Las Anood has however been reduced to 400.

The spokesperson of the Committee for the Registration of Political Organizations and the Approval of National Parties, Mukhtar Abdi Jama, read the guidelines to the media which was as follows:-

  1. Political Organizations are notified that those whose members want to be counted gather in a place with a fence and the exception is that the count should not be made in an open place.
  2. The ranking system that was used in the past has been stopped and the ranking system will be to follow the counting of places that are close to each other.
  3. The counting process will start at nine in the morning, and Political Organizations are instructed to be punctual.
  4. Counting will be stopped only by exiting and entering the counting area.

5.The Political Organizations Registration Committee and the approval of the National Parties the number of members will stop the counting in Togdeer and Sanaag Regions when the number reaches one thousand people, while in the Sool region the number will be limited to 400 members.

  1. Any political organization that does not comply with the above guidelines will not have its supporters counted.