By Goth Mohamed Goth

The President of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi, has issued Presidential decree No JSL / XM / XKQ / 222 / 1-378 / 112019 and JSL / XM / WM / 222-379 / 112019 in which he appoints new members of the diplomats and at the same time relieves serving ones of their duties with immediate effect .

The Presidential decree stated as follows:

The President relieves the following officials of their duties with immediate effect;

Mr. Mahmud Abdi Dacar

Former Somaliland Representative to the European Union

Ms.  Ayan Mahmud Mohamed

Former Head of Somaliland Mission to the United Kingdom

Mr. Sulub Warsame Hussein

Former Somaliland Representative to Norway

Mr. Abdalla Muse Ahmed

Former Somaliland Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mr. Ali Mohamed Ahmed

Former Somaliland Representative to Yemen

CC: Mr. Yassin Haji Mahmud Hirir

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

The President with the powers bestowed upon him by the Constitution of Somaliland

And In accordance with Article 90

Considering: The Importance of head of missions of the Republic of Somaliland to the Nation;

Being satisfied by their ability, know-how and expertise

Being satisfied with their ability to execute the duties bestowed upon them

I have decided

From today henceforth to appoint the following officials to serve in this portfolios

No Name Appointed 
1. Abdi Abdillaahi Hirsi Mohamed Somaliland Representative to the UK
2. Salaan Hasan Kayd Abdille Somaliland Representative to the EU
3. Yusuf Mohamed Gulied Bodhle Head of Somaliland Liaison Office to Ethiopia
4. Mohamed Mohamud Adan Samatar SL representative to the Norway
5. Ahmed Jama Hasan Shire SL representative to South Africa
6. Mustafa Yusuf Ismail Ali Head of SL liaison office to Germany
7. Ali Ahmed Osman Head of Liaison Office to Saudi Arabia
8. Ahmed Ali Salad Mohamed SL representative to Yemen
9. Barkad Mohamud Kariye Samatar Deputy head of liaison office to Ethiopia